Jeremy Harbeck Photography

Hi there!

My name is Jeremy Harbeck and I am an avid amateur photographer. I take photos mostly of nature and am especially enamored with the polar regions, but if you feel like digging through my site, you'll find plenty of family and friends as well. I've lived in Washington State, Alaska, Virginia and Maryland and travel as much as I can; I'd like to think my photos reflect this last fact pretty well.

I've been practicing digital photography since 2005 and in that time have come to realize that I really enjoy panoramic, long-exposure and time-lapse photography.

Luckily my current position as a Senior Support Scientist for NASA's Operation IceBridge has given me numerous opportunities to practice photography while out in the field collecting data. I've been lucky enough to travel to both ends of the earth in support of this great project and see some amazing things along the way. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos here, as much as I did taking them.

I've assembled some of my best photos, taken throughout my digital lifetime, into a collection here. Feel free to browse through them and if you'd like a copy, feel free to let me know. Thanks, Jeremy